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Deep Cuts #3




Deconstruct /Construct

#3 — March 27, 2019
11.00 – 13.00


We live in a constructed world. A lot of the things we take for granted and think about as given by nature are man-made. This includes everything from social constructs to technological innovations.

In the third installment of Deep Cuts, we look into how we approach raw material and take existing constructions apart to better understand their properties. We do this to better be able to interpret our world, and thru refinement processes create something new.  

The theme draws from conversations with artist Carla Zaccagnini and her exhibition “You say we are one, I hear we are many” that is on display in the space we’re in. Thru her work Carla dismantles national symbols, examines them from a global perspective, and makes use of the sum of the parts to illustrate the sameness of “unique” icons of nations.

Essentially, Deep Cuts #3 is an investigation of deconstruction, macro, micro, design, cooking and upcycling. Expect an elevated art-and-talk experience.

Lunch time talks at the Obra Gallery, Stora varvsgatan 12


Titti Qvarnströmchef
Berndt Clavier literary scholar
Lene Damsbo Brixarchitect
Martin Thörnkvist (moderator)

Sold out
SEK 250 — SEK 500
(+vat, including lunch)