Deep Cuts
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Deep Cuts #1





Copy/Truth Fake/Original

#1 — Nov. 19, 2018
11.00 – 13.00


The intention of this very first Deep Cuts seminar is to investigate how to know if something is real, original, or true. To what extent it is possible, and if it even matters. By mixing the dichotomy of original and copy with that of truth and fake, we’re looking at realness from new perspectives.  

At its core, the seminar is about navigating the illusions of real and mirage of truth. Posing the questions: What is original?, What is real? and What is true?

The topic is chosen from conversations with the artist Eduardo Consuegra. He is currently presenting the exhibition Facsimile at the OBRA Gallery were we’ll be gathering. Expect an elevated art and talks experience.

Lunch time talks thematically connected to the current exhibition at the OBRA Gallery.


Lina Thomsgård — representation advocate
Beatrice Harty — character maker
Johan Farkasfake news scholar
Martin Thörnkvist (moderator)

Sold out
SEK 250 — SEK 500
(+vat, including lunch)